CG Protégé Pro 2019


As we continue forth in our mission to educate our audience for financial freedom, CryptoGrinders has taken the next step to enrich our content for our community. As such, we have recently collaborated with up-and-coming fully licensed exchange, ZIPMEX.

ZIPMEX is a Singapore-headquarted, fully licensed exchange that aims to provide the best trading experience for traders and investors of all kinds. They offer security token trading, enable institutional investors to participate in the space via a third party custodial service, support fiat-crypto transactions and are planning to include other neat features like margin trading in the near future.


CG Protégé Pro 2019

There are over two thousand crypto coins in the market; we make trading them easy.

In addition to 3-5 daily trading recommendations, we will also provide a transparent win-loss ratio report to track our success rates. Trading calls are made by experienced technical traders who have been trading profitably for years.



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