BlockShow Asia 2017, Singapore (29–30 Nov)

BlockShow Asia 2017 (29–30 Nov)


CryptoGrinders was proud to be invited down to this year’s BlockShow Asia, where dozens of up and coming companies presented their Blockchain Projects. There were also many keynote speakers who shared their personal experiences, as well as their opinions on the future of blockchain technology

As the mainstream market grows more and more familiar with the term ‘blockchain’, BlockShow Asia brought together companies with promising blockchain projects who were looking to launch their ICOs.

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Crypto Basics: Exchanges

Crypto Basics: Exchanges


Now that your wallet has been set up, its time to put some funds into them.

An exchange is a platform where you are able to convert your fiat or cryptocurrency into other forms of cryptocurrency, while the wallet is intended for storage of your currency.

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Crypto Basics: ICO Investment

Crypto Basics: ICO Investment


Investing in an ICO for the first time can be a scary prospect: there are many options to invest in, and the unfortunate truth is that many of them will not yield profits. Just like any investment, due diligence has to be carried out to mitigate risk. With that in mind, here are a list of steps to take before investing in an ICO.

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