Cryptocurrency Investing In Everyday Life


For most people, cryptocurrency trading is not their primary job; bills still have to be paid, debts have to be cleared, and food still has to be put on the table. Working full-time can be tiring, how do people have time for crypto-trading?


Doing a full-time job usually takes up most of the day. For many people, the sound of the alarm jolts them out of their sleep every morning. They grab a hasty breakfast before heading off to commute to work, whereupon they will slog for the next 8–9 hours (if they’re lucky). Reaching home at the end of a work day, many people feel fatigued and need some time to recharge; they have a hot meal with their family and watch some shows online to unwind. Some even manage to squeeze in an hour of working out before heading off to bed for some much-needed rest.

If you are serious about adding cryptocurrency to your portfolio of investments, here are some tips that can help you integrate cryptocurrency investment into your everyday life, with minimal effort.


1. Incorporate Cryptocurrency News Into Daily Life

Many applications are available to push news through your mobile or computer based on your choices. Applications such as Flipboard allow you to choose categories such as Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain into your feed, and you can keep updated with the market while on the go.

There are also Telegram groups and Facebook groups that can be joined, where people who are interested in cryptocurrencies can share views and tips with each other. Do be warned that these chats can have thousands of messages in a day, and it will require some time to sift through the chaff.


2. Make Full Use Of Meal Times

Rather than watching sitcom during your meal, go on to YouTube and watch videos on cryptocurrency. In this day and age, all kinds of useful information can be found online; how to trade, what to look out for in a cryptocurrency investment, what are the popular crypto-wallets being used. All this information will come in handy, and after some time, this knowledge will become second nature. CryptoGrinders has its own YouTube channel which contains a trove of information.

Do take some time out to have family dinners and catch up with friends, though!


3. Make A Plan

Rather than haphazardly acting on every piece of information, plan out your finances beforehand. Allocate your finances for the month, and determine how much you can spare to invest in cryptocurrency; ideally about 5–15% of your savings each month. From there, decide what you want to buy into, and what you are aiming to achieve. If you aim to sell a cryptocurrency for a 10% profit, stick to it without regrets; it is better to make some money than to lose all your savings in a risky venture.


4. Read, Read, Read

The smart phone is an amazing invention; use it to read up on topics that can benefit you. If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, learn what it is about, how does the technology work, what is its future potential. It is a task that gets easier with time; with a solid base of knowledge, it becomes easier to digest and understand whitepapers, and how to differentiate the good from the bad.

Good places to start would be Coindesk and Medium, where there are informative and educational pieces on all topics concerning cryptocurrency.



Start off by incorporating a single one of these tips into your life, and add a new one each week. Within a month, you will have successfully become a well-informed investor in cryptocurrency.



Safe Investing!