The CryptoGrinders Team has taken to using Huobi as one of their main cryptocurrency exchanges. If you’re curious why, take a look here where we explain why we love using this exchange.


For those who want to get on the exchange, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to!


Step 1: Go to Huobi.Pro

For newcomers, do click on the link above to use the CryptoGrinder’s Huobi.Pro link! It will lead you to the page below:



Step 2: Sign Up For A New Account

Click ‘Sign Up Now’, and you will be led to the following page.


To sign up, you will be required to provide a valid email, a password, and your nationality. Do note that once submitted, the nationality cannot be changed — ensure that the information is accurate to prevent any unnecessary issues with your account.



When you have entered in your details, simply slide to verify that you are human. This step is included to ensure that the website is not spammed by bots creating fake accounts.


Step 3: Check Your Email

After keying in the verification code, Huobi.Pro will inform you that a verification code has been sent to your email account.



Go to your email to find the code.


Simply type in the code, and you will be able to enter Huobi.Pro.


Step 4: Verify Your Account

For those who are looking to move small amounts (0.1 BTC or less), there is no verification needed for Huobi.Pro. However, to trade larger amounts, you will be required to submit personal details for KYC checks. Find the person icon on the top right of your screen and select ‘Verification’.




It will bring you to the page as shown below.



You will need to fill in the necessary fields (Name and Passport number) as well as upload a photograph of your passport. After submitting your details, it will take them less than a week to verify you, and your account will be fully set up.


Step 5: Secure Your Account

Huobi.Pro is an exchange that holds a lot of money. While they have not been hacked in the last 5 years, it is always prudent to secure your account as much as possible, in case your device gets compromised.

Click on your username (top right of the screen) to open up the following options. Click on ‘Account and Security’.



There are 2 extra layers of security that can be added to your account: your phone number and your Google Authenticator.



For Google Authenticator, you can download the Authenticator Application from both the Apple and Play Store. However, bear in mind that the application is device-specific: if you lose/damage the device, the authenticator will not be transferred to your new device.

To have an authenticator that is linked to your account, we recommend using Authy instead. Do keep your authenticator on a spare device, such as an iPad or Tablet, just in case.



With all that done, you’re ready to be a Huobi.Pro user!


Safe investing.


Updated: 13 December 2018